TDF Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm with offices in Washington DC and Silicon Valley. We focus on startups that serve enterprise markets within infrastructure, software, and services (IaaS, SaaS, XaaS). We invest from a $150M permanent pool of capital and are currently investing out of Fund IV. We believe in the power of technology to improve lives and support development initiatives via TDF Foundation in parallel to our venture activity.

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“Anyone can stand up and say I believe in transparency, I believe in fairness. But the only way to really show that is in how you act. We can create a fair market that really allows investors, brokers, market makers to compete on fair terms. Wall St. can be disrupted by people currently working on Wall St., and hopefully we’re the start of that era.”

- Brad Katsuyama - CEO & Co-Founder at IEX Group

Building a more equitable stock exchange for long term investors

"We believe the time has come for brands to re-invent their loyalty strategies to deliver valuable consumer experiences that result in more profitable relationships. By taking advantage of modern big data platforms to harness real-time consumer interaction data, brands can personalize recommendations and engage fluidly across channels to effectively acquire, transact with, and reward loyal customers."

- Kevin Nix - CEO & Co-Founder at Stellar Loyalty

Enabling brands to better connect with their customers

"Without Valencell’s inventions, the world would be stuck in the “Chest Strap Age” of wearables. Valencell is the company that made accurately biometric sensing truly wearable, enabling meaningful insights and guidance to better fitness, performance, and health. We now provide our wearable biometric sensor technology to more companies than any other company in the world."

- Dr. Steven LeBoeuf - President and Co-Founder at Valencell

Developing the most accurate biometric sensors for the wearables market

"People make irrational decisions all the time, and very, very consistently – even when they have good information. Cloverpop changes that by combining collaboration, analytics and behavioral economics in a decision making platform designed to scale from C-level executives to front-line managers, no PhD required. The result: decisions twice as fast, with half the meetings, 20% better performance and 100% visibility."

- Erik Larson - CEO & Founder at Cloverpop

Better decision making, faster, together


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