The Foundation’s Broadband Initiative has designed programs to make a meaningful, long-lasting impact on individuals in urban and rural communities that lacked access to broadband technology. Through this initiative, the Foundation supported projects to create free access to the Internet in public spaces, community centers, and in low-income housing.

As part of The Computer Lab Program, TDF Foudnation provided twenty-five communities in thirteen states and the District of Columbia, with dedicated computer labs that include high-speed internet access, technology, computer literacy programs and a part-time instructor at each computer lab.

In partnership with Comcast Internet Essentials, the Foundation was able to provide in-home internet services and an internet-ready laptop to 150 low-income families across six cities.  And as part of the WiFi in the Park Program, TDF Foundation has provided wi-fi connections to the residents at seven community parks in five states and the District of Columbia.

Having access to the internet in these spaces supports community cohesion, health, education and economic development.